Miracle tea- Yarrow cures somach pain, gastritis and is an excellent ally in fighting many diseases

Miracle tea- Yarrow cures somach pain, gastritis and is an excellent ally in fighting many diseases

It is one of the most valuable medicinal plants, and in the winter months it is relevant because it helps fight colds.

Its second property, which has been experienced by many women, regardless of regular medical check-ups of conventional medicine is – yarrow (yarrow) is an excellent ally in the fight against almost all women's diseases.

It has a long history of use in home medicine, especially for wounds, cuts and scratches. People also used it as a remedy for colds. The primary benefits of hajduk herb tea lie in its ability to “drive away” and prevent colds from fully developing, and in this capacity it has been used for centuries.

Its Latin name “Achillea millefolium” is associated with the Greek hero Achilles, who used it to see wounds in the Trojan War. It got its Achilles name because of its exceptional strength, because it itself is powerful in many ways.

In folk medicine, yarrow plays an extremely important role in treating women's ailments such as irregular menstruation, unpredictable hot flashes and other ailments that accompany menopause, but also inflammation of the ovaries, fibroids and other uterine diseases, including the most serious diseases.

This plant contains substances that have a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, so tea is recommended for better appetite, to relieve and treat gastritis, colitis and cramps in the stomach and intestines. Potassium, which is abundant in this plant, stimulates kidney function, calms the heart and relieves the symptoms of PMS.

Thistle also has a beneficial effect on various bleedings – in the stomach, intestines, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, coughing up bloody sputum, and is very effective in angina pectoris, rheumatism and rheumatic pain, diseases of the spleen, liver, pancreas and jaundice.

Tea has a beneficial effect and cures cracked hands, vulnerable nipples of breastfeeding mothers, as well as skin rashes. If you are interested in more recipes with yarrow, read 20 recipes from yarrow that relieve pain and calm the nerves.

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