Pine or juniper

The whole plant is medicinal

Pine or juniper (lat. Juniperus communis) is a very branched lying or upright shrub, and sometimes a lower tree. The leaves are about a centimeter long, hard, pointed and prickly and grow three from the same place. Pine grows on rocky, glade, forest meadows, slopes, and loves rocky and rocky substrates.

Interestingly, pine is all medicinal; twigs, needles, wood, root and dark blue berries. Pine should never be used by pregnant women and people with kidney disease, others can without restrictions.

Berries for the digestive and respiratory organs and against the accumulation of water

The berries are used in a specific way. They are eaten raw by eating three on the first day, four on the second day and thus increasing the number by one to 21 days, after which we reduce one berry until we reach 3. Then we take a break of 31 days.

Berries stimulate appetite, relieve cough, stop diarrhea, help with bloating, heartburn, liver and bile, help with rheumatism, and disinfect the respiratory organs in severe inflammation, then treat upset stomach and restore the desire to eat, relieve hydrops and restore joints.

Tea from twigs, needles and berries is used against coughs and to soften hard mucus in the lungs, to excrete water, to calm the entire nervous system, against gout, all kinds of rheumatism and arthritis.

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